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Stop Posting For The Sake Of It!

how business owners can use a unique

4-step process to monetise social media

get more followers and leads and stop wasting money on ads that don't work

(Even if you think that social media won't work for your business, or you've tried and failed before)

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building your business using social media

is not what it used to be.

doing things 'the old way' could cost you a fortune!

but, the reality is this ...
use social media THE RIGHT WAY and it is sTILL one of the 
best tools available to build your business!
you just need to adapt your strategy....

so, what results are you getting right now?

any of this sound familiar...?

  • You Post On Your Page
  • 1 or 2 People See It
  • No-One Comments, No-One Buys, Engagement Is Low
  • ​​Your Ad Costs Have Gone Through The Roof ​(if your ad account hasn't been restricted)
  • ​iOS 14, 15 blah blah Has Made It Impossible To Track
  • You Don't Know When The Next Sale Is Coming
  • ​You Turn Off Your Ads
  • ​You Only Post Because You Think It Is 'Something You Should Be Doing'
  • ​You Are Starting To Think Social Media 'Isn't Worth It'
here's why it's happenning to you:
you're still using social media the old way!

what results would you like to be getting instead?

  • Imagine Thousands Of People Discovering Your Brand And Services Every Day - People That Are Searching For Companies Just Like You, And Want To Do Business With You.
  • How About Turning Your Inbox Into A Sales Hub Where You Can Effortlessly Connect With Your Ideal Audience, Position Yourself As The Logical Choice In The Market, And Turbo-Charge Your Conversion Rates.
  • Picture High Quality Leads Into Sales On Auto-Pilot, With Consistency And At Scale, Allowing You To Sell More Of Your High-Ticket Products And Services And Increasing Your Customer Life-Time Value.
  • Finally, All That Hard Work You Put Into Social Media Is Paying Off, And You Are Starting To Generate Income. You Have A Process That Works, Now You Can Sit Back And Watch Your Business Grow.

the good news is...

when i started back in 2008 it was easy!
you posted on your page
everyone who 'liked' your page saw the post
lots commented, some even purchased
you spent some money on ads
lead cost was low sale cost was low
reporting was easy
social media was predictable
life is good.
IMAGINE what a difference it would make if you had your ideal type of clients in the thousands discovering you on a daily basis?Seeing them following your pages while you watch your brand skyrocket!

Pretty awesome right? AND WE ARE JUST ON STEP 1!
  • Prefer Facebook? We cover it!
  • Prefer Instagram? We cover it!
  • Prefer TikTok? We cover it!
  • ​Prefer LinkedIn? Guess what? We cover it!

If you are doing any of the following...

  • Boosting posts
  • Creating content that no-one seems to see
  • ​Creating content that no-one seems to engage with
  • ​Spending time on social media and getting no return
  • ​Spending money on social media and getting 'up and down' results
You MUST make this virtual event a priority to attend!
After discovering how to build ourfollowing in Step 1, you now have theaudience you have been missing!

All of a sudden people are taking you seriously and new prospective clients are now saying YOU must be good at what you do!!!
I have been building businesses using social media since 2008 and I can tell you there is one thing you need to know...


What happens most of the time is that you put in a lot of effort creatingcontent and your audience just scrolls on by - or very few people see it at all! If you can relate, I have just the thing for you...

One powerful secret that turns your new following into income is by using my 'Chat and Earn Formula' which I will be walking you through on the day.

This will see your inbox filling up with new connections and messages from people interested in your products and services - social media monetisation is now in sight!

What do most people do when they get this type of demand and inquiries?

They send them to a website, ask them to book a call and all of a sudden what sounded good to thecustomer doesn't sound so good anymore, your hot prospects start getting a little colder and eventually disappear - SOUND FAMILIAR??


They are 3 IMPORTANT REASONS why your business needs funnels, and there are simple ways you can use them to Instantly gain more leads,clients, and sales.

During the training, I’ll show you why the WORLD'S TOP 1% OF MARKETERS ARE USING FUNNELS  and how you can get started fast - even if you hate tech, and frankly have no idea what I'm talking about right now!!!!
I’ll simply show you how Step 3 can have your business ‘inundated’ with new leads from people who know who you are and want what you have before you even speak to them!
Frankly most businesses spend way to much time on social media doing what I call ‘box ticking’ posting things that don’t get any engagement, don't build relationships and have zero incomegenerating potential.
In Step 4 we put a stop to that and get you to focus on the important stuff.

Unless you hate money (!) register andreserve your seat as Step 4 is going to blow your mind, show you what you have been missing, and finally get you monetising!!!

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your host...adam stott

In case you don’t know me, I am a very ordinary guy from humble beginnings. Through lots of ups and downs, lessons, and a long journey, I have arrived at a place where I have achieved what I want from my life, and I have trained thousands of business owners (from super-successful to starting out) how to master the process of growing businesses. 

I’m proof of what can happen when you get the process of acquiring clients and monetising social media right.

 I start my first business aged 25, feeling confident, driven, and ready to make my dent in the world, I knew right from the beginning that I would do a great job for my clients because I cared more than anybody out there...

so what was the problem?

I DIDN'T HAVE ANY CLIENTS! Frustrated, failing and frankly sick and tired of being sick and tired I knew something needed to change. 

I needed to know how to get myself out there, I didn’t have a choice I was all in on my business, I didn’t want to accept failure so I went to work on myself…

Fast forward a decade and having studied under the world's best marketers, travelled the world finding the hidden marketing secrets, and investing tens of thousands of pounds into my journey, I put the pieces together and figured out a process that works.

That is the process I am going to share with you on the day, everything changed for me and everything can change for you to…
  • ​Sold More Than £50m Worth of Products and Services Using Social Media
  • Multiple Award-Winning Business Owner
  • ​Best Selling Author
  • 28 Articles Written On Business Growth and Published for Forbes
  • ​Featured On Channel 5 'Rich House, Poor House Twice
  • Spoken From Stage To Audiences Worldwide
  • Shared The Stage With Some Of The Most Famous People In      The World
now you have an opportunity to learn my system and see how quickly it can change your results

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins is one of the biggest stars on TV and a hugely successful businesswoman.

Unlike most stars who started their career on reality TV, Gemma has transcended the genre and now features and has featured on a wide variety of programs including Piers Morgan's Life Stories and The Jonathan Ross Show and also has her own top-rated Podcast on BBC Sounds.

Outside of her TV work, Gemma's various business interests include a skin care range and her thriving clothing range the Gemma Collins Collection.

This is not the first time Gemma and Adam have worked together! both started their careers in vehicles sales for BMW.

  • 2.2m Instagram Followers
  • 1.2m Twitter Followers
  • Founded a Successful Clothing Business
  • Multiple Big Name Brand Endorsements
  • ​Top Rated Podcast on BBC Sounds
  • TV Credits Including The Only Way Is Essex, Celebrity Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating, Piers Morgan's Life Stories and Gemma Collins: Diva
  • Numerous Animal Rights Campaigns With PETA
  • One Of The Most Well-known TV Stars In The UK

business owners get great results with our training

Dan Salmon -

Went from unknown to becoming the UK's Number 1 Travel Agent and OVER £1M IN SALES USING THE SYSTEM.

Diane Simpson -

Had ZERO social media presence, didn't know what to do or where to start - USING THE SYSTEM £1M IN SALES.

Dan Krokos -

Didn't think it was possible to sell plants using social media - SINCE USING THE SYSTEM, HAS GENERATED £250K IN SALES.

Chris and Joe - 

Started, built, and scaled an award-winning marketing agency and GENERATED £250K IN SALES USING THE SYSTEM.

James Bolingbroke -

Quit his job of 17 years to go full time in his side hustle - GENERATED £250K IN SALES USING THE SYSTEM.

Kam Saleem -

Went from 1-1 selling and relationship-building to 150,000 followers across platforms and £2.5M+ IN SALES USING THE SYSTEM.

Rachel Hammond -

Went from stressed-out business owner to market leader in beauty and £250K+ IN SALES USING THE SYSTEM.

Yusuf Abubakar -


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